Ezeeway approaches every project with a fact-based analysis. It diagnoses the local situation of the project and uses this information for developing a detailed and customised solution. Recent diagnostics have shown that many self-managed OMT projects are not delivering the expected value because of: lack of processes leading to revenue leakages; cost inefficiencies creeping in at various organisational layers; inadequate focus on maintenance leading to shorter pavement life cycle, and inadequate customer orientation coupled with reactive route operations hurting customer satisfaction.

1. Better and Safer Road User Experience

a. Operations: reduced accidents by an average of 25 percent month-on-month on one of the least safe highways in the country.
b. Maintenance: achieved zero penalty record on projects under routine maintenance including green areas.

2. Revenue Enhancement

a. Fully captured revenue potential of highways.
b. In more than 85 percent projects, revenue has increased by >10 percent

3. Real-Time Project Management

a. Control Room: Real Time monitoring and management of route, traffic, assets, incidents, vehicles, observations.
b. Mobile App: Real Time remote access to geo-tagged, time-stamped database, supported by documentary evidence

4. Compliance and Integrity

a. Synergy with Feedback Infra Group lends larger perspective to efficiently operate projects
b. Ethics and integrity of highest order.
c. Fulfilling all regulatory compliances for 2,500 employees over the past four years.