Ezeeway recognises that business sustainability is strongly dependent on the people that are part of the Company. We have adopted a set of policies directed at obtaining and retaining talent, active development of motivation and development of collaboration and individual skills.


Ezeeway invests in its employees’ effectiveness and know-how update by offering continuous training and well-planned knowledge management. The purpose is to promote the skills and motivations and, at the same time, boost a healthy and fulfilling work environment.


We celebrate National Days and social events with the aim to foster a closer connection between personal and professional life.

Strong focus on service levels

Naveen Kumar
Manager, FHOMT

The DEWAS BHOPAL CORRIDOR (141 kms) in the State of Madhya Pradesh connects the capital Bhopal, industrial city Indore and the holy city Ujjain. Our team of 300 members from Feedback Highways (FHOMT) is working 24X7 providing OMT and periodic maintenance services on the stretch. This has been a very special and a challenging project for us. When FHOMT took over the project, there were many operational challenges that we had to overcome. As many as 26 percent cars on the corridor used to enjoy a free ride because of fake documents, and other local exemptions. Through our structured approach and rigorous checks, we have been able to bring down these exemptions from 26% to 17.6%.

FHOMT brought in a lot of professionalism into the operations that was lacking earlier. Our motto has been a strong focus on service levels. To ensure and keep the teams motivated, a briefing session is organised at the start of each shift. Surprise checks during the day keeps the team alert. All our customer facing staff wears uniforms and safety jackets. Regular training is provided to our team on user communication. For the benefit of the user, a helpline number has been created which is displayed at prominent locations across the plaza.  These small changes have brought in a lot of positive feedback from the users of the stretch which is documented in a user feedback register at the plaza.

In the FAST lane

Sarita Maan,
Executive, FHOMT

The FHOMT team has been working round-the-clock (literally!) for the past one month on the FASTag project. We have been engaged by the IDFC bank for implementation of “Fastag” under the “National Electronic Toll Collection” project of NHAI.

This has been a very exciting and an equally challenging month. From planning, hiring, setting up POS across the country, conducting staff training, client management, customer handling and managing calls … we have done it all! And, across multiple locations in Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharshtra. FASTag is an ambitious project that will change the way we travel on our roads and contributing to such an ambitious project keeps us going!

Behind every toll plaza …

Vishal Arora

Many of us pass through toll booths every day … but did anyone know that tolling operations are not just about cutting a tolling slip. They involve far more risk (of safeguarding huge amounts of cash on a daily basis and also the lives of toll collectors) and have very stringent guidelines that must be adhered to.

The FHOMT team is behind the smooth operations and maintenance of the many tolls that you may have crossed as a commuter. Our work is challenging and equally intriguing. At any of our toll booths, the staff works in three shifts (of 8 hours each) and 365 days a year… after all, the show must go on and the toll must run smoothly!